Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Feeling better.

           Thank you all for your lovely comments I am now feeling a lot better than I was.I still have a rotten cough and my voice is not quite back yet but I am tons better.I have even got those filthy windows washed today well I did the insides and son did the outsides for me bless him,he made quite a good job of them as well so think that can be his job now.I also gave my kitchen a good clean today took everything off the shelves and out of cupboards and cleaned them all, polished the wood, washed the floor,clean tablecloth on and cooked dinner at the same time,PHEW no wonder I feel tired tonight but it does all look nice.After been poorly and  not doing much for a few days you soon get tired doing things or is that me ?I hope I sleep better tonight now.
        Iv started back at slimming world and ready to start loosing the weight I have put on,it is not a diet SW its just changing your eating habits, cooking from scratch and for me not dipping into the biscuits and sweets,I would not have a weight problem if I didnt have a sweet tooth.I love cooking and trying new recipies so its not a problem to cook and hubby likes new meals as he calls them,so its head down no sweets and bic bics in the house if the boys come I can soon nip to the village shop with them for thier treats.I have done this before and know it is only me that stops me loosing weight so keep an eye out on here to see my progress.
   Im still having problems trying to post photos on here dont know what Im doing wrong I have tried all kinds of things,I know a lot of you have had the same problem if you have managed to do any tips for me please.
    Bye for now night night,love Jill xx


  1. Picasa? Livewriter Jill - give me a shout, come over with your laptop and we'll sort it. Dxx

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better. I still have my cough a bit, too, but if I'd stop talking, I'd stop coughing! lol You should sleep better tonight after all that work! Good luck with SW...I go to weigh in at JC but don't eat her food as I can't tolerate all the soy. So I do my own thing and try to eat right - unfortunately, L went and bought 4 Xmas cakes on half price! Can I say "No" - of course not! lol It's an ongoing lifetime struggle for me!

  3. Glad you're on the up - but don't go exhausting yourself with chores! Good luck with SW and all that - I too am trying to give up the biscuits (don't normally find sweets in my house, but if the were there, I'd have 'em!) - so far, so good! I have heard that installing Google Chrome sorts out photo upload problems, but I don't really know much about it. I use Picasa and Goggle Chrome and haven't had any problems. Hope you manage to get it sorted!

  4. Hello Jill
    Glad you are feeling better..sounds like you had a busy day, It is lovely though when everything is clean and tidy
    Stay warm
    Thea x

  5. i am so glad you are feeling better...swampy is on day three of this cold thing and another friend gone down with it today-it is certainly making the rounds