Monday, 7 January 2013


      Hi bloggy friends,I didn't sleep well last night coughed and spluttered like something demented!!! I drove into town earlier and got some more lemsips,a Vick's nasal spray, throat lozenges and more tissues nice soft ones for my poor nose.I decided to just chill for the afternoon and forget about the jobs in and out of the house after all nobody is going to notice if I dont do them are they.I have stocked up the fire with coal and logs so that is keeping us nice and warm and there is plenty to eat that wont take much cooking at t time so we are set for a few hours.Iv got my sewing out head phones in with Fleetwood Mac singing to me so Im quite content to chill.
  Hope you are all well,bye for now Love Jill xx


  1. Keep warm. Hope you are soon on form again.

  2. Oh no, almost everyone I know has been stricken with this awful cold this winter. Look after yourself, I hope you are soon on then mend. Xx

  3. Hello Jill
    Sorry your not feeling to good, there is so much about..Just getting over a stinky cold myself..Stay warm
    Happy 2013
    Thea x

  4. THere are so many people with this awful fluey cold - do hope you will soon be feeling better.At least it sounds as though you are being ill in comfort:)

  5. Hope you feel better soon Jill. Lots of people in blogland suffering at the minute!