Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Olympics first game.

         One of the first Olympic games was held today and ended in a win,Team GB womens football and they won 1.0 against New Zealand  Now Im not at all sexist but just wondering if the mens team will do the same.Come on you girls you did us proud well done.Good luck to all who are competing in the games.


  1. Canada lost to Japan! Our team is amazing, but then so is Japan's and the USA team. I wonder if they will continue on - not sure how it works.

  2. I found it a real shame that the chance of a lifetime - seeing a British team in an Olympic competition - was passed up by so many and the stands were half empty. I bet the men's games are packed whatever results they get. Well done girls!

  3. I do agree with you Jilly. I get fed up with people moaning about the Olympics - let's celebrate the fact that some people are prepared to train for long hours for the chance to compete.