Tuesday, 24 July 2012

B is for Billy in a ball .

       On Saturday we took Billy to Cleethorpes a seaside town in Lincolnshire,and as the day was a sunny no rain day it was quite busy,After walking up and down the promenade in and out of the amusement arcades we spotted the Balls! If you are small and young enough you climb into a deflated Ball the man in charge zips it up so far then with a machine blows it up, zips it right up and off you go,Billy loved it Bobbing about, diving about he was even running in it he had such fun that he didn't want to get out. We paid £4.00 for him and he was in there for a least 20 minutes the guy said he wasn't busy so he could have longer than you usually get.Billy was tired out when he got out and dry as a bone I thought there might have been a bit of water got in but no not at all.

       To get to Lincolnshire from our side of the country you have to go over the Humber Bridge which is a single span suspension bridge one of the sixth largest of its type in the world,quite impressive when looking at it as you travel over it. I love the sky and am always taking photos of it as it changes and these are just a very few of the ones I took on Saturday.
     Hope you have enjoyed seeing Billy inside his Ball and the Bridge,I will now go and see what you have entered for ABC Wednesday.Love and Blessing to you all,Jill and Billy xxxx


  1. He was sure having a BALL...lol That looks like so much fun! Do they have any adult-sized balls? I'm currently reading a book that is set in Lincolnshire...didn't realize it's so close to you. Have a great week - I'm counting days now!

    abcw team

  2. The ball looks as if it would be so much fun for little ones to enjoy! Freedom to play on water! Interesting photos!

  3. Beautiful pictures, he looked like he had a great time x
    ~I used to live in Lincolnshire some years ago lol - brings back some memories

  4. fantastic Billyball!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Oh that looks like just too much fun. Can adults climb in too....??

  6. Looks like fun!

    Set of B's
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  7. Calling by from ABC Wednesday, I saw these at a Festa recently and wondered how people could want to be sealed inside a plastic ball but your son seems to have enjoyed it!

  8. That looks like great fun.I have seen people in those balls on water and the thought petrifies me but Billy looks as if he is having a whale of a time.

  9. LOL - I had a ball like that for my hamsters (only it was hamster-sized) years ago, that allowed them to run around the house and not get into mischief. :-) What a fun idea to make them kid-sized and use them in the water!

    I love photos of bridge, and always enjoy getting the see the lovely English countryside!

    Enjoy the Olympics!

  10. Fantastic pics! That water ball looks sooo much fun!!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my mini quilt and sewing machine cover. You're very kind :-)
    Have a fab week
    Louise xx