Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter.

    Happy Easter to you all,hope you are all having a lovely time with friends and family.
                         Love and hugs Jill xxx


  1. Hi Jill, hope you have had a lovely day and not eaten too many eggs! I have had a lovely day with lots of visitors . Pleased you liked your card, love Anne

  2. Happy Easter to you and your family too Jilly - deep warm over there.

  3. Oh my I had a whole comment written out then my computer back paged me !
    Thanks for visiting my blog Jill ! I had meant that post to be on my healthy living blog where I post about my garden etc. so I ended up with two posts the same lol
    if I have #18 phto correctly that plant is a Touch Me Not or Himilayian Impatiens as some call it .It is on the noxious plant list in our province and people are not supposed to grow it .
    it grows very tall in shaded areas and has a big thick & hollow stock . The pretty pink flowers have a big opening which bees love to crawl into . Bees suffer so much I try and have plants they love .
    Thanks again & happy Easter to You ♥

  4. A belated Happy Easter to you Jill!

    Lou xxx