Friday, 13 April 2012

First carboot

      I am so excited I just know I will not be able to sleep tonight,I'm going to my first car boot of the year in the morning.Got my pocket money in my purse which is in my basket ready and waiting for morning,I know I sound so sad and need to get a life but I do so like a car boot sale,looking thro other peoples goodies to see if I can see something nice is always pleasing to me.I hope the weather is dry I don't mind if its cold I will just put an extra sloppy jumper on and 2 pairs of socks on.
     Hope you all have a lovely weekend and if I buy anything tomorrow I will let you know.
     Bye for now take care love Jill xxx


  1. Wrap up well Jill - tis a tad cold and wet today so hopefully the sellers will be keen to sell at a good price to you! Dxx

  2. I get excited too!
    I'm busy de-cluttering my house at the minute and plan to be a seller at our local car boot in a few weeks, I hope not to buy back as much junk as I sell :0)
    Kandi x

  3. Sounds wonderful, I hope you'll have a great time !!