Sunday, 4 March 2012


            The weather is horrible,I have no get up and go,it has got up and gone today,its done that a lot lately.I had all intentions of getting up and sorting my books in the bedroom and doing a bit of pottering about the house, you know just the job in the kitchen that needs doing and the job in the sitting room that needs sorting.But here I am sat on my bum having a quick look who has posted what and posting this to you,I had promised myself that I would not put the computer on before 3pm because I can very easily go for 2,3,or more hours just looking at what is going on in the world,and not getting much done.OH NO as I look out of the window here it is starting to snow I don't think it will lay because it has rained this morning so hopefully it wont come to much.
       I am longing for the spring to start the clocks to leap forward and light nights to come,it just is not my time of year between Christmas and spring.I love the light nights when I can potter about in my little garden or go for a walk through the woods and see the wildlife settling down for the night.I have gone out for walks on summer evenings as late as 9.30pm to just have the woods to myself nobody else to bump into and disturb my thinking time,I love it.What have we got about 6 or 7 weeks before it is about 8pm when it gets dark and then later and later until we have light nights until 10pm oh cannot wait.
     Well now I have rambled on I must go and do some jobs then I can sit down and do some reading or sewing before its time to cook dinner,we had a roast dinner yesterday so I think we may have spaghetti bolognese tonight nice and easy to make then more time for me lol.
    Hope you are having a easy day resting or crafting what ever you do to relax,Back soon bye for now Love Jill xxx


  1. Hi Jill, I just love your new cute is that!! we had lot's of sunshine this week but it's horrible today, but not snowing! been doing some sewing....hope you get your umpf back that happens to me sometimes its horrible xx
    Take care
    Sophie x

  2. Aye - all good intentions - then friends turn up and demand tea eh? lol!

  3. lol...was just over visiting at Denise's and read that she stopped in for tea. And the weather is pretty grim. Never mind...all those little jobs will still be there for you another day. Enjoy your Sunday however it comes. :D

  4. Aparently I'm not the only one who sees the litle jobs of sorting and tidying that need to be done--and then gets distracted--or tired [?] and the time gets pottered away.
    I console myself that the bathroom is clean, beds made, laundry taken care of--we have good meals--the rest of it seems to wait for another time.

  5. When the time/weather comes, enjoy :) I used to walk with my Daddad in the woods, and Lady his dog, and there are many treasured memories in those walks, thank you for the reflection, I may start to save one day and get a chair that can cope with the terrain and go again xx