Sunday, 4 March 2012

More Sunday.

      After my last post I went up to our bedroom which is in the attic and into my little room where I can escape into myself when I feel the need to.I put this CD into the player
                       Patchouli pussy cat joined me.

            We switched on this little lamp.
           Put a light to some candles and incense sticks,and chilled for half hour before sorting some of my books out.I used to always have my books in alphabetical order which took me hours to sort out,then when we changed the rooms around they got mixed up and I never got round to sorting them out again.I have just started to sort them into different groups, ones I have read, ones I want to read again that I read yrs ago and then my favourite ones.
         These are the books I have bought and been reading lately and have not been able to put down.
          Love this cover.
         These are some of my favourite ones.
        I was loaned this one about 15yrs ago by a friend and wanted a copy of my own.I never found one until we went to Glastonbury the second time 5yrs ago,and their it was on a shelf just waiting for me to come along and buy it.Then I have bought the other ones written by Lynn since then.
      Looking at the cover of this book just makes me want my garden to look like this today instead of soppy wet and miserable poor little thing.
     Our friends Denise over at Mrsnesbittsplace blog and her hubby Jon popped into see us with a prezzie for me,an old singer sewing machine,Jon acquired it some years ago and has not been able to get it working so he asked me if I would like it for decoration,well as you can imagine I could not say no, Thank you Jon x..I haven't taken any pics yet but I will do tomorrow and post them to you.We sat around the kitchen table drinking tea chatting and laughing at each others little stories,its lovely to have friends that you can share life and feel relaxed with.We are going to D & J's on Friday night for a meal and drink and a sleep over,I am looking forward to it and will share with you next week.
      Well im going to have a read thro your posts now and then have an early night,hope you all sleep well,night night sweet dreams Love Jill xxx


  1. What a lovely way to relax and what great books, my daughter would love all these, kitty looks very calm and relaxed too. Julie xxx

  2. your attic space sounds lovely :) someone else with their own grrl-cave :)

    now i am thinking about a few rows of book shelves...

  3. I had an old Singer hand-sewing machine which I had had from new and which had only been used twice (in fifty years). I recently gave it to our Rotary club to take to Africa to be given to somebody who hopefully can make a living sewing on it.

  4. what a wonderful gift, I adore old sewing machines! Hope you feel recharged after an escape to your attic - sounds divine!

  5. Thank you for your comments girls,I have decided to do a paint job in my little room in the attic,or as our friend Laoi calls it and now I do" my girl cave".I have not yet deciced what colour to do it but when I do you will be the first to know.Love for now Jill xx

  6. Lovely blog you have here and what a great collection of books. I recently bought myself a bookshelf for my bedroom and am slowly but surely feeling it up with books I love ... :0)