Sunday, 8 January 2012

Start of a new year!!

           Well I would like to start my post with some good news but we have had a bad week.On tuesday we went to my Auntie Avis's funeral which was a lovely send off for her if there is such a thing.Then friday morning we had a phone call with the sad news that hubby's niece Vicky had died suddenly,She was only 42 yrs old.We don't know quite why this happened yet but it sure is a sad time.
    On a happier note my youngest grandson is starting nursery tomorrow and is so excited about it,when I asked him about it he said" yes big boy",he has looked so sad when he has had to come away when his two brothers have gone into school and nursery that I'm sure when my daughter Maria takes him tomorrow he will be just fine.It don't seem five minutes since I first took Maria into nursery on her first day,no problems with her she just looked at me and said "you go home mammy",nice to know when your wanted isn't it,better that way though.
     I had a potter about my little garden this afternoon while the sun was shining and quite surprised to see little plants starting to show themselves already.I have primroses out their little yellow faces looking at me,red and pink primula's,a little yellow cowslip looking all happy,my helleborus look beautiful and have spread quite a bit this year.I love to see plants starting to come awake after the winter even though I know winter is not over yet,they bring so much new life with them and happy times to come,that's the way I look at it anyway.The pots at the front of the house are looking nice also the winter pansies I potted are all pretty and the tulip and daffodil bulbs are coming nicely so I'm sure it will all look pretty when in full bloom. I have mislaid my camera somewhere in the house or I would have taken some pics,I know its safe somewhere its just where,I had it taking pics of Patchouli pussy cat a couple of days ago and don't know where I put it after,I will find it when I'm not looking for it probably with all the other things Iv mislaid.
     I have ranted on enough for now and have just had a thought where the camera could be so Ill go and look.Take care of yourselves and enjoy the mild weather we are having.Bye for now Love Jill xxx


  1. so sorry to hear of more sad news *hugs*
    our new year has been awful too but i hope now things will start to pik up

    ...glad the camera has been found!

  2. So sorry to hear of your husband's neice dying so young. It always seems so much harder than when someone lives a longer life. I hope the year gets better and that the family cope with Vicky's death as well as possible.

  3. I have to say that the mention of misplaced items strikes a note with me--truly there aren't that many places in this little house to really 'lose' things, but they have a way of hiding under unlikely things.