Saturday, 29 October 2011

Second time today.

        I'm here again not because I'm bored but just to tell you how much I am looking forward to next week.Hubby,son and me are going away just for the week but we do intend to put a few miles on the clock.We are starting off in Somerset stopping in a cabin for 4 nights.Me on my own no men,I am visiting Glastonbury,I have visited before and just love the place I feel at home there happy,content,peaceful  just differant it does me good,but do not need any men standing toe tapping outside of the shops I am browsing.We last visited 5yrs ago so it is time for me to wonder around the town in and out of the little shops buy a little of this and a little of the other,have a walk up to the Tor and look back at the lovely scenery around.I have not been to the Chalice Well so im hoping to visit there as well. Hubby and son are going to have a day out doing men stuff so I shall tell them to take thier time there is no rush LOL.
       We all would like to go to Bath as we have never been so that will be nice and trips to other places the men want to go,then we are off to London for 2 days,its a while since we visited so Im looking forward to that wandering around sight seeing ,I love to people watch and London is a good place to do that.Then we are heading off back up the country and on our way home calling in to see some friends in Bishop Stortford so im also looking forward to seeing them.We should be home on the 7th nov when I will walk thro the door and feel glad to be home,I always enjoy my holidays but just love getting home,Im a real home bird love returning to my nest.
       Will enjoy posting when I return.Hope you all keep well and safe.Love Jill xx


  1. Wont be the same without you hun - but rest assured you will have a fantastic time, that I am well sure. Make sure you take your camera!!!!

  2. small world Jill! Not only am i not far from Glastonbury, but before moving to the SW, I lived in Bishops Stortford!(I was born in Herts)

    Leanne x

  3. I have had a lovely time Mrs Nesbitt done a lot of walking but feel relaxed and batteries recharged.

  4. Hi Leanne,it is a small world we live in,if I had known you where not far away I could of dropped in for coffee.How strange you coming from Herts.

  5. I'm waiting for your photos now! x