Saturday, 29 October 2011

Home Alone.

           I have been left HOME ALONE. Now don't what ever you do feel sorry for me because this is what I call heaven,you ladies out there that are like me and never get the house to your self will know just what I mean.It really does not happen very often so I am one very lucky girl today.Hubby and son have gone away for the night they left at 10am this morning and will not return until tomorrow afternoon,I must admit I do miss them when they are out but only for a moment or two then I find myself dancing around the kitchen and I seem to turn into a different person all relaxed and at peace with myself,strange but true.   
          My wonderful  friend Denise came for her lunch,I cooked us salmon roasted veg's and broccoli was very nice,well it must of been cos Denise ate all hers. Now Denise has had a blog for a number of years now so is an expert , she has given me some very useful tips and has done my new back ground for me which I just love,thank you very much Mrs Nesbitt could not of done it without you X.
       I have gone along to the next village bought myself a bottle of wine just the one,and intend to just curl up with my book or laptop or both not at the same time tho,and not do any thing else for the rest of the day.Patchouli pussy cat is now curled up in front of the log burner quite happy don't think she will move now for the evening.The wind is picking up and it looks a little like rain so its time to close the curtains and blinds,lock the door and shut out the world,just me pussy cat and a bottle of wine,cannot think of anything better for now.
   Hope you have a lovely evening,take care and keep warm,Love Jill xxx


  1. Aye - twas fun! Now we are all snug inside for the night. Glad we aren't camping! Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  2. Sounds great! It is great to have a bit of time home alone - hope your book and wine delivered the ultimate in relaxation!

  3. Time to just be ourselves, not hopping about to take care of others, is precious--and with a family, hard to come by. I never get as much done in the way of projects as I hope for at such times, but going my own pace is restorative.