Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bits of allsorts

I have done a bit of sewing this week,these are just a few of the hearts I made.

This small patchwork quilt I made about 12 yrs ago,it has been on the grandchildrens cot in my house.I hope it gets passed down to one of them one day.

I made myself this needle case this week.

This is a nightie case I have finished this week,I was going to give it as a present to a friends little girl but I have found some much better fabric for her so I am using this.

This quilt I made 5 or 6 yrs ago it didn't turn out how I wanted to but its still nice.

I have always wanted to be able to croquet but just cannot get the hang of it.My grandma showed me many times how to as she sat doing hers,this is a shawl she did for me when I was pregnant with my son,he was christened in it and also my daughter used it when her three boys where christened,think grandma would be proud.

This is a blanket grandma made me for my bed when I was a small child.

And this one she also did which I remember being on her bed.

Wish I could remember to turn pics round before I post them.My blanket on the back of my rocking chair which lives in my bedroom.

I bought this very pretty quilt in a charity shop 4yrs ago for £15,I'm sure it is king size as it drapes well down on our double bed,bargain me thinks.

It seems ages ago that I had flowers bought for me,(I'm sure its not just seems it) My husband bought me these a couple of days ago then my daughter bought me the ones below,I love fresh flowers in the house.

Now I have quite a lot of hearts in my house,ones I have bought, ones my friends have bought for me and ones Iv made here are just a few do hope you don't get bored.

This hangs in my sitting room window.

This little lady with her heart lives on top of the book case in the sitting room.

One that hangs on a light fitting.

Lives in the kitchen.

In the kitchen,I like the words on these two.

Kitchen window,shame the paint is coming off with the heat of the candle that goes inside.

Another kitchen window.

These are hung on draw handles.

These where a present.

This one a present from my daughter lives on the staircase.

These a present along with the others that are the same.

Tin one,lives in my bedroom.

Satin ones that smell lovely and  hang near my bed.
Just could not go without adding some recent pics of my favourite things,my grandsons.SCOTT.


They are so alike in lots of ways and so differant in others but all very loving little boys.


         That was a long post hope you like it I enjoyed putting it together,thank you for your time.
                       Bye for now.Love Jill xxx


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I tried replying back to you but you come up as a 'no reply blogger'. I'll come back and have a good read of your blog when I have a bit more time! M x

  2. I enjoyed your post with its many photos--aggravating to me also when I put one up sideways.
    I especially enjoyed seeing your grandmother's needlework--and yours as well.

  3. Hi Jill
    You have been busy...Love the quilts and blankets....Grandma's are wonderful people to learn from..mine taught me to knit and how to look after money lol....and lots more...
    lovely pics of the boys..
    Have a good week.
    Julie x

  4. Thank you for your comments girls,I love to receive them.My grandma did teach me lots of things cooking,neddle work,etc etc but I think the most important thing she taught me was to love the most precious thing I think.xx