Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Good day.

Maria has always loved pigs.

All fast asleep until next feed time.


This is a big bunny asleep.


Isnt he just so handsome?

Happy chappies.

These where so not camera shy.

Nice coat.

Learning how to milk.

This was a great barn for children to roll around in,nothing to hurt them selves on.

One very cheeky face.
       Today I have had a lovely day out with my daughter Maria and the boys,Billy,Lewis and Scott.We went to Play Dale Farm which is about 1hr away from us.We have not been there before and got a nice surprise it is brilliant.Lots of lovely cute animals which the boys could feed and stroke,all very clean and well looked after.Lots of brilliant play areas,indoor and outdoor,nice cafe also very clean,do I sound like an advert for them? but it is nice to go some where that is all clean and well looked after.As you can see the boys enjoyed it just as much as grandma did.
    Then when we arrived home look what they found in thier garden.We decided a few weeks ago that the boys have so many toys that nobody really knows  what to buy for birthdays,so we came up with buying this between us all (all being both sets of grandparents uncle Jack and mummy and daddy).Thier little faces where a picture I think it is sure going to be worth its weight in gold.
     Maria phoned me at 830 this evening and said they all had baths, into bed and out for the count,Im sure they enjoyed thier day, I sure did and am now ready for my bed,
     Night all sweet dreams,bye for now xx



  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day out Jill....The boys are adorable....Great photo's of all the animals..looks like you had a fab day..
    Blessings to you all
    Love and Light
    Julie xx

  2. What a lovely Grandma you are....they looks so happy, and are so cute!! I love that giant Rabbit! Such a brilliant idea for a present, that they will get so much fun from xx
    sophie xx

  3. What a lovely outing. I would love a traditional farm visit here. The boys are totally cute. x