Saturday, 8 June 2013

My week.

Good morning to you all. Summer has arrived hasn't it we are having a proper June dare I say. All week the sun has been up in the sky before 5am beautiful clear blue sky and bird song I could listen to forever. I feel like one lucky girl to wake up to all that on a morning and be able to get out in the lovely countryside that surrounds my home. My poor hubby cannot get out and go for a walk which saddens me but when I'm out I make sure I take plenty of photos for him to look at. This week I have made the most of having the time and friends to go out with for walks, on Tuesday Mary and I went up through Bluebell woods and wandered off on to little tracks we had not being before. The Bluebells are at their best  very late but they made it, the air was full of the scent from them just beautiful, I noticed the other morning when I was out in my garden at 630am that the air was fragranced by them,(the woods is only 5mins walk from us.)
Iv had more flowers coming out in my little garden this week, a beautiful Aquilegia and my first poppy of the summer came out Tuesday morning all delicate and pretty.

                     Just look at that blue sky through the trees, its just wonderful to see.
              I love trees have a real passion for them, this is a beautiful big beach tree that has lots of stories to tell if only he could talk. I often go and sit under it to think things through, I call it my thinking tree I usually come away with the answers I was looking for.
                A beautiful Rowan tree along the side of the lane.
                   Isn't he a beautiful colour.
            This is a little old cabin tucked away behind some farm buildings. I would just love to restore it and spend hours in the sunshine sat outside on my little chair with patchwork in my hands, can you tell I was a fan of Little house on the prairie as a child?

          Marys little dog Spot. This photo below is an old Oak tree that has being clinging to the cliff and has come down this week, someone has cut up and taken away the thick of it and this is what is left, it will be missed by the squirrels as there was always quite a few of them used to gather  there.
      Then on Wednesday morning this beautiful poppy opened up to greet me I had forgot how lovely it is from last year. There are about 10 heads to open up on my plants and each one is a delight to see. I went for a walk with Mary again today along the rail trail which is the old railway track along side the new one, I didn't take my camera because the batteries had finished. We had a lovely walk and chattered all the way putting the world to rights as you do and noticing all the little plants that had come out to see the sun.
     Thursday I went for another walk along the rail trail with another friend Nicky from the village who I don't see a great lot of so we had a lot to natter about and seemed to walk for ever and a day it was lovely. 

          Friday was a quick whip around the house work,  washing hung out and dinner prepared then on with the walking boots and out again with Mary. This time we went up and out of the village way up on to the moor top and over fields down ridges and back up again.  We had such a lovely time just wandering and looking at the beautiful place we live in. We took a friends dog Jessica with us to keep Spot company and they both enjoyed running around like mad hatters and paddling in the streams, bless them. This first 2 photos where taken when we had got up the hill out of the village, my camera is a new one and Iv not got used to it yet, my son says it has a panoramic setting on it but I' m going to have to play with it a bit more before I can take photos like that.

       This is Jessica.
               A lovely Rowan tree.
               Mary was taking photos of the little stream that runs down the ridge.
     We had walked right along the top of the path and down the ridge of the next pic and then back up the other side. Hey! no puffing and panting either, lol.

 We stopped and had our picnic, ladies that lunch eh! cant be bad, sat at the side of the river so the dogs could paddle, Jessica just stood there soaking her paws and dipping her head under every now and then.
                Spot just watched every mouth full we took.
            If you look closely at this photo of the rocks right in the middle you can see a face, is it me or does that look just a bit like the green man? do you see it let me know if you do.
        Well Iv enjoyed my last few days out and about in the sun and beautiful country side and am planning on doing more this next week, wont be able to stay out as long as son has had a few days off work this week and kept hubby company for me and he goes back today, but Ill be able to go out for a couple of hours. The garden is my place today just pottering and jobs in the house and a bit of sewing. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Love Jill xxx


  1. Jilly, this is my kind of post, all the things I love you seen to as well.
    Trees are my particular love, especially at night in silhouette. Poppies again I just love.
    I enlarged the picture and thought it looked like a lioness in the water, oh well, it had to be a cat with me didn't it?
    I didn't realise that your husband was unable to go out, that's sad for him but good that you take your lovely photos to keep him in touch with nature.
    I notice your arm, you are in good company here, we both believe in nature and the pagan ways.

  2. what a lovely week you have had, i have enjoyed the walks...and yes i see the green man...maybe a river spirit?!
    i know what you mean about being lucky to live in a place where the countryside is on the doorstep :) the tattoo ;)

  3. Great post, Jill :)

    It's not been quite so summery here on the coast, blowy and a bit chill, but lovely in the sun! Posts like yours make me long even more to move inland and to the trees!!

  4. it all looks lovely Jill. How lovely to see the dogs enjoying themselves like that, little Spot has the cutest whiskery little face!

  5. Hi Jill, you have had a wonderful week wandering the hills and dales and forest glades. We too have had good weather and I've been able to get out a bit, except that for a few days my back was very bad. Better now, though. Your photo of the moors reminds me of our trip there and for next week's blog post I'm putting up one of my favourite shots that I took when there. So be sure to check it out. Wish I could just pop by! *sigh*

  6. I thought you might be getting a bit of that sharp east wind off the sea there Jilly - it has certainly been glorious further inland here.

  7. Hi Jill, what a lovely part of the world you live in.No wonder you love to walk.Enjoy your weekend!!

  8. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments it always makes my day when I read

  9. Hello Jill
    What a beautiful part of the country you live, stunning scenery on your walks, yes I can see the green man hiding,
    Happy weekend
    Thea x

  10. It all looks so vert pretty, a lovely place for a walk.

  11. Yes Jill, I can see the face in the rocks very clearly. I hope he's friendly. :o)

  12. Wonderful pictures. The poppies and aquilegia's are so beautiful. I love them too. I miss my poppy this year. It was taken out during the work on the sewer system. I am thinking about planting a Patty's Plum poppy. I love the dark rich colour.
    You live in such a beautiful part of your country. Jessica looks a bit like our dog, before the shave that is ; ) Spot is so funny !!
    I can see the green man too, that is wonderful.
    Have a great day.

  13. i've just had a few moments to catch up with several of your recent posts. I'm envious of the lovely places you have for walks--and I've always wanted to visit a bluebell wood.
    Trees, flowers, landscapes give us so much delight!