Saturday, 27 April 2013

April showers.

Hi friends,Iv not run away I'm still here just not had much to blog about but I'm now going to do my best to get back into it.
  The weather is very much a real April day here today we have had showers of rain and hail and the wind has returned with a very cold chill in it.We have had some nice days but they don't last do they? if only we could have days that are not to hot not to cold just somewhere in the middle. We set off this morning to go to an indoor car boot come market is what it is advertised as,well I wish we had not bothered.It was 70 miles away which took us just over an hour to get to and what a let down,talk about selling ya rubbish I have thrown away better stuff.I like going around the car boots and charity shops but this was just stuff that ya really should just put in the skip.The place it was in was really run down and very dirty and the stalls,well you couldn't really call them stalls there was just stuff piled up everywhere no organisation what so ever,needless to say we will not be going back there.I will see what the weather is like in the morning and maybe nip to the local car boot its always proper there,lol.
  Iv not really done much sewing of late, well nothing much to show you anyway,Iv got stuck into my quilt that I'm doing, it is blocks that I did a while ago that I have put together and am now quilting by hand.It is taking me quite a while to do but I'm enjoying it and it is coming on nicely so I will show you a photo when I' v done a bit more.
  My little garden is coming on lovely every thing is sprouting up nice and green and healthy looking,the little forget me nots are just starting to flower,Iv got some lovely primulas that look like golf balls and the hellebore's are still out.I want to split some later on but not quite show when to do that,does any of you gardeners out there know when I should please?? Lots of my bulbs got caught with the  frost so not many have flowered this year but what has have being very pretty.  I have had some problems with my photos going somewhere I cant find them as you will know if you read my last post so Iv not taken any pics to put on here yet but I will do.Thank you for leaving your comments of help to find my pics I still haven't and probably wont now and I'm a bit touchy about putting more on in case they go walk abouts as well !!
   I will be back with some pics and give it a try later but now Id better get me bum off me seat and get some food sorted for the men folk its chicken for the men and bean chilli for me.
Hope you are all well bye for now,Love Jill xx


  1. Looking forward to seeing your quilt Jill. It has been lovely hear today, really sunny.

  2. Hello Jill
    Sorry to hear about your boot sale, perhaps tomorrow's will be better,
    still chilly here too, hope to get out in my garden next week,
    Keep Warm
    Thea x

  3. It's chilly and raining here today, too, and it will be the same tomorrow. But the forecast is for sun all next week! Yay! I hate going out in the rain and I have to take the dog for at least 1 walk a day...I try to do the trail in Ladner Harbour park and let her play with some other dogs to tire her out. Then I can rest and do my tutoring in peace. Hope your quilt is coming along and you'll put a photo on when it's done.

  4. I've stopped by several times hoping that your photos had miraculously reappeared. What a pain--that sort of thing--anything really that acts up with my computer--drives me wild.
    I hope we can see your quilt when you've finished. I've gotten discouraged with my attempts at hand quilting. My skill seems to lie in piecing blocks by machine.

  5. Yes Jilly, we Yorkshire folk have got to be tough with that awful, never-ceasing wind - I am absolutely sick of it.

  6. Trying to get back into it? I've just started. I'm 80. Isn't it fun? I wish I'd started years ago.

  7. Hi Jill. It would be nice to have some prolonged sunny warm days with no cold winds wouldnt it? I wonder where the indoor car boot was? I'd better avoid that one then!!

  8. Hi sweet Jill, so sorry that the sale was not a good one. Especially since it took you so far away :( I have to drive quite a distance to go to sales also and so I always hope that they are good ones.
    I can't wait to see the quilt you've been working on. I have been quilting this winter too and have some tops done. I think it's wonderful you are hand quilting yours. I usually have mine machine done but it is so expensive.
    I hope that your Sunday is going along nicely and that you have a lovely day.
    sending hugs...

  9. What a shame you had a big drive for nothing. Look forward to see what you have been making.