Sunday, 27 January 2013

Raining !!

   Hello friends,we do still have quite a bit of snow left but its raining now it was a bright start to the day but it didn't last.As I look out of my kitchen window up the fields it's gray wet and another day to just stay inside and potter me thinks.I like days when I potter not doing much,I like to move things around in the house give dollies and teddies a different out look for a few days I'm sure they like it !!During the week I decorated our sitting room,it has gone from red chimney breast and light gold walls to delicate cream walls and a light wall paper on the chimney breast wall,my camera is on charge at the mo but I will take a pic later and show you.I am pleased with how it looks and hubby says he likes it so at least I pleased him.I am going to get some fabric and make cushion covers when I see just the right one.I'm sure this morning when I moved my little girl teddy she winked at me as if to say she approved of the room,YES!!my friends I am a little round the bend but hey ho who cares,not me.
   I have had another good week with my diet,last night hubby and son went to get fish and chips and asked if I wanted some and a bottle of wine,I said very politely no thank you.I had a jacket potato salmon and salad and to wash it down a nice glass of diet lemonade.I was very pleased with the choice I made I know I would have only sat and given myself a hard time if Id eaten fish and chips.I have a chicken casserole in the slow cooker for tonight's dinner which is beginning to smell rather lush,I had a chopped banana with alpen and fat free natural yogurt for my breckie,don't feel ready for any lunch as yet but will have some fruit I think. I don't usually look forward to weigh in day at slimming world but this week bring it on !!!
   I am going to go do some pottering and see if my camera is charged for some pics and I' ll be back soon.Bye for now love Jill xxx


  1. Hi Jill, the snow has almost gone here now.I like the fact its so much warmer already. We need to do some decorating but I cant face it just yet.It will wait until spring.

  2. No sun here today - just grey drizzle again...sigh. Oh well, I pottered yesterday, too, and managed to clear out the storage cupboard. Put some things up for sale on Craigs List as well as managed a brief visit with daughter #1 and granddaughter. Sounds like you've been busy with redecorating. Can hardly wait to see your photos! I'm doing okay - 2 days down with no cookies or ice-cream and even said no thank you to a cookie last night! Had fruit and yogurt instead. Weigh in days for me are Fridays, so I start day 3 with a healthy brekkie. Will be back later to see your photos. XXX

  3. Well done on the food choices hope you get you reward at weigh in!

  4. Well done must be very proud of yourself, decorating as well..
    good luck with your weigh in
    Thea x

  5. Certainly for me Jilly my weight is highly influenced by the amount of exercise I get. I have been incarcerated for the last week because of heavy snow and I have gained two pounds.

  6. Good luck with the diet Jill. Have you heard about Raspberry Ketones ? I was going to try them out myself. They are supposed to help speed things up a bit, worth I try I think!
    Carol x