Saturday, 20 October 2012


  I have a confession to make,I started this post over a week ago but have not got round to posting it with one thing and another I did not get round to finishing it and now I have forgot what I was going to say.I'm going to post it anyway then I will do another one to tell you how hubby is doing.I'm sorry about this but hope you can understand what I am going on about,I'm full to the brim with cold sneezing and coughing all over the place and my head is in a spin more than usual, the next bit is what I had saved !!!

          Oh I am feeling so lazy today,I have lots of things I could be getting on with but its just one of those days where I have done quite a few jobs but nothing to exhausting.  My hubby had an op on his back last week and things have not been so good.It is the third op he has had on his back and I think that he is worse now than he was before it.Before the op his legs hurt him and his right leg had patches on it which where numb and his foot was always cold,now he has not got much feeling in it at all and his foot is like a block of ice.He is in a lot of pain and feels like he's dragging his leg he isn't but that is how it feels.The doc says its early days yet which is right but it is quite worrying when still young and not been able to get about.He is keeping in good spirits and quite a good patient Iv not had to take his crutches off of him so he cannot get up but suppose that is early days as well,lol,no I wouldn't do that really!Maybe this is why I'm feeling lazy today think I am more mentally tired than physically tired tho, worry does make you tired doesn't it.
We woke to a frost again this morning but it has been a beautiful day the sun has had its hat on all week in fact the last 2 weeks have been good I love this time of year when you get up its nippy and fresh.The garden is looking a bit sorry for itself but has some lovely colours in it, golden and crunchy leafs falling from the trees and the little birds sitting on the table first thing in the morning waiting for their breakfast and I must admit they are usually the first ones to be fed on a morning I feel quite guilty if I don't go and say good morning to them and give them some seeds or bread before I sit down to my toast and tea. Iv not got out for a walk this week with looking after hubby more than usual, to take some photos of the trees in all their splendid colours but I'm hoping to next week,Iv got some lovely pics of the sky at t time as the sun goes down looking all warm and mysterious and the moon shining proud in the sky lighting the countryside while its dark.

I told you a couple of posts ago that I would tell you what I got for my birthday and with all that's gone on Iv not got round to it but here are some pics of just a few of my prezzies.
Lovely warm snuggle dressing gown.

Kindle which a friend bought me,Iv never wanted one but Barry knows how much I love my books so thought I could do with one I do like it but it feels strange not holding a book,I will still buy books I could never let it replace them.
Lovely perfume that hubby bought me very expensive but worth every penny and as Cheryl Cole says "I'm worth it ".lol.

Very pretty necklace and little sign from my little grandsons.I always say this to them when I tuck them in to bed when they stay.

Cath Kidston hand bag another hubby prezzie I think he spoilt me.
   Love Jill xx


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon. You had some fab gifts for your birthday. I'm with you on Kindle - can't see me using one. I love books too much and what is a house without books.
    Hope your hubby is better soon too!

    1. I could not imagine my house without books June I love them.Thank you for your kind comment.xx

  2. Oh gosh, Jill, I do hope you're feeling better soon - be sure to get enough rest for yourself as it sounds like the stress is causing your immune system to go down. I remember when L was going thru chemo, I felt just the same - mentally exhausted from worry. All you can do is be there for him. On nice crisp Autumn days, make sure he's either lying or sitting down and that he promises to stay there while you get out for some fresh air in your beautiful village!

    Your birthday gifts are lovely! I could use a dressing gown like that - so pretty and cuddly looking! Squirt a bit of that exquisite perfume on after a warm bath and go cuddle that wonderful man of yours! Tell him I said HI and hope he's feeling better me, it takes a long time to recuperate after such surgeries! Sending big HUGS to you both!

  3. Hi Leslie,thank you for your kind words.I think like you say that it is the stress that has brought the cold on and I do need some fresh air.Hubby says Hi to you and he will do as he is told.Give my love to Cathy when you see her.Love and hugs you all xxx