Thursday, 2 August 2012

Spiritual night.

         Hi everyone,got a couple of hours on my own tonight so I thought I would have a bit of spiritual time and enjoy with no disturbance.Few candles lit some insence burning and a american indian chant cd playing and I am in my little bit of heaven.The insence Im burning is from my favourite shop in Glastonbury Star Child and is my birth sign insene virgo.It smells lovely and takes me back to wandering around the little shops and streets in Glastonbury.I have got a book off the shelf that I bought in one of the little shops when I was there last year and am re reading it and love it The Hedge Witche's Way By Rae Beth. Little pussy cat Patchouli has sat with me curled up next to me on the sette until she heard a noise out the back of the house and off she went to dicover what it was.
      I will leave you now and get back to my book and enjoy a bit more me time before the men come in and think Iv lost the plot again,nothing the matter with loosing the plot is there?
    Love Jill xx


  1. Everybody needs some Me time, Your candles look lovely and cosy in the fireplace, I love candlelight
    Enjoy your evening
    Thea x
    Thank you for your lovely comments

  2. I too love candlelight. When the dogs are with us in the lounge I daren't light up incase they decide to chase one another and knock into the candles and set the place on fire! Candles are far more intimate and atmospheric though than a bulb! Hope you enjoy your book!

  3. Looks like a pretty good way to 'lose the plot' to me. I'd send the menfolk into another room - the kitchen perhaps to rustle up some appropriate food for relaxing with.

  4. It sounds lovely to me.
    Do you make your own candles? I've always felt relaxed with candles and home comforts - if it's a part of losing the plot - count me in lol... I love the warm of your fireplace and candles in your pictures xx

  5. Hi Jill, Your candles are lovely and soooooooooooooooooo relaxing. They put off such a cozy warm glow. Very romantic, too.

    Regarding your comment:
    Yes, a little paint and a bunch of thrift store finds . . . when you put them together it is like the little fairy godmother's magic wand. Bib-itty-bob-itty-boo! Of course it told a lot of elbow grease, too . . . that is why I'm spending my week-end, feet up and resting, LOL.
    Have a great week, Connie :)

  6. That sounds like my kind of me time ; )
    Virgo, that is my sign too ; ) Love all the candles.
    Have a great day.

  7. Hey Jill,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment -xx-.
    I see that you are also a fan of Fleetwood Mac and Kings of Leon! You have good taste ;). I love the pictures by the way it looks really cozy.

  8. Looks lovely Jill, I think I could chill out like that too!

  9. Hi Jill

    All your candles look so cosy and relaxing hope you have a lovely week


  10. Hello Jill, I do love nights like these, so peaceful and good for the soul I think :-) xx
    p.s if I do another glamping night you are definately invited :-) xx

  11. I loVed this post Jill,
    This is my kind of evening and I try to do it as often as I can (when I have house to my self)
    I Love Star child too, and wear the Tree essence perfumes.
    My daughter is a Virgo, it's a lovely birth sign!
    Have a week full of loveliness
    Love Maria x

  12. That sounds like the perfect evening - no chance of me doing something similar though as DH has breathing problems so I can't burn incense - though I suppose I could when he's away for a couple of nights on a cricket jaunt! I'm a Virgo too.