Friday, 16 March 2012

Todays walk.

           This week I have got up to see this on the steps at the back of our house,it belongs to Mrs Thrush who has built her nest on a pipe that is in the lean to at the back of the house.2 days ago it looked like the photo below,then today it looked like the next one,she is a quick little mover in and out all day with her bits of twig and straw.This is the fourth year we have had a nest and each year there has been chicks,I feel like a mother hen looking after them when they appear peeping in to see them while mother looks on,bless them.

           This morning at 8am I was out for a walk and took these photos.It was a bit chilly but a lovely morning nobody was about just the birds singing and a couple of rabbits running about.Bluebells woods is where I went, they are just starting to pop out to say hello to the world.I love it when they are all out and the air smells of them.The river has not been very high this winter at all I don't think I have seen it this low through the winter while we have lived here.

        I wonder who lives in this little door way lol, I have always liked to think little faeries live in tree trunks when I was little I used to go looking for them in the garden and when my daughter was little we often went looking for them on walks in the woods,don't think I will ever give up looking for them or grow up.

         Do you see what I see in the middle of this picture below? I don't know if I was watching him or he was watching me first but we both stood for a couple of minutes looking until he turned and ran away with his mate following close behind.

         I reckon the sheep in here must be close to having their babies hope Im around to see them born.

          Hope you have enjoyed our little walk,more to come now that the weather is picking up and the light nights are on their way,I like going out early morning or evening for a walk when I have the woods to myself  Im gready like that.Hope you are all well, love and hugs for now.Love Jill xxxx


  1. What a beautiful walk, Jill. I'm so looking forward to seeing the area with my own eyes!

  2. Hi Leslie,wont belong now then you will be able

  3. It is definitely fairies in the base of that tree trunk, that is always where they live here in North Yorkshire - take my word for it, we have a few fairy holes at the base of our trees!

  4. Beautiful x Thanks for sharing