Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My week.

      Good evening all you lovely people out there in blog land do hope you are all well and happy.I am both today, I have had a lovely day and a good week since I last posted.The 2 eldest grandsons have  had their turns staying this week while on school and nursery holidays,Billy came for 2 days Tuesday and Wednesday then Lewis came for the day and night Sunday,Scott the youngest is having his turn this week.I like to have them separate then I can give them all my attention they seem to like it that way as well.
      I was so excited this week to receive an award for my blog off Alix at Used-to-Bees blog,my first award and so happy about it I could burst.Now there are rules to go with this award which I will tell you more about in a moment,but first I must tell you about the giveaway I also won  from Kim at The Wiccan Life blog(,sorry girls I haven't quite got the hang of putting a link on yet)I'm so looking forward to Mr Postie bringing it and when he does I will post some pics of it.Thank you so much my friends.
         Now today has been such a lovely day I just had a quick tidy around the house and off I went into my little neglected garden.Lots of little plants and bulbs are starting to pop their little heads out and say hello to the world again after I had cleared all around them they I'm sure they smiled at me.Mr Hedgehog in the pic below sure smiled when I gave him a little rub to remove some dirt off of him.
     These looked a sorry state with lots of dead dried up leaves among them and breathed a sigh of relief when I cleared them.

        When I looked at the pics I had taken before I had tackled it all I was quite ashamed that I had let everything go so badly.

        The soil has alot of stone in it as you can see from my pics.When we moved into this house the garden didn't really exist it had not been used for a long time,the ground was once used as common drying ground for the residents of the cottages surrounding our house.Along time ago it was a slaughter house yard and it has also been used for dumping rubble on so when I started making it into my garden it was quite a challenge but after doing a bit at a time I now have a little plot that looks lovely when in full bloom in the summer.

      I have decided this year to take pics every week of the plants so I can show you how they are coming on andhow  happy they look when the sun is shinning,I'm sure they are the same as us happy little bunnies when they get some sun on them,I have been told by my family that I'm a bit of a freak cos I talk to my plants and smile at them,never mind we cannot all be perfect.

       A lot of work and 5 hours later and the garden had had a story told to it(freak) paths tided up and swept and all looking a lot happier and I must say I felt happier with myself for doing it although my back aches a little, I just have to go to the dump tomorrow now and get rid of the rubbish them all is done for a couple of weeks till the weeds start to show then Ill be out there picking them out.
      Well! I did say that I would tell you some more about the rules that go with  award I received.I now have to pass the award onto 15 blogs and let them know I have nominated them,share 7 things about me with you,then thank the award giver and link back to them.So here are my facts I would like to share with you.
       This pic is hubby and me on our wedding day,we have been together 30yrs this September and happiey married for 27yrs in July.

      We have 1 daughter Maria who will be 27yrs this March and is married with 3 beautiful boys who you know as Billy Lewis and Scott.This pic of Maria was taken early one morning when hubby took her out to let me rest after I had just come out of hospital after having Jack.I have always said that when she was little if you got a camera out Maria would pose and I think this pic says it all.

      This is Jack our son who will be 24yrs in August,still at home with us and doesnt look like moving out any day soon (phew).Jack had a bad start in life with ill health but Im not going to go into detail,may one day do a post about Jacks life but not just now.As you can see he also likes to pose for the camera.I am very proud of my children and love them more than I could ever say.
      Jack was the reason for my next fact about myself.When he was poorly as a baby I looked into compementry therapy for him,which led me to my love of all alternative medicines and therapies.I try not to use drugs from the doctors unless its necessary,I like to use natural remidies if I can and have always used essential oils as well.9yrs ago I took myself off to collage to get a diploma in aromathery and massage,so that I would know more about the oils I used and to help my hubby who now has spinal problems which the massage helps him with.When Maria was in labour with her babies I used oils to help with her pain relief and to help keep her nice and calm and she always says it sure did help,I just wish that I could give myself a massage but they dont teach you that.
      Another fact about me,I have loved the american indians since I was a child watching the cowboy and indian films with my Grandma.We would snuggle up on the sofa with a packet of sweets and watch them.Grandmas favourite cowboy was John Wayne,im sure she had one hell of a crush on him because I remember him in all the ones we used to watch and not all cowboy films either.I bought my first indian picture when I was about 10yrs old and still buy them now along with a lot of figures I have aswell.I have always wanted to go to the reservations and see where they live and how they live now,you never know may get there one day.15yrs ago I had my first tatto done its an indian chief and is on my left shoulder,Ill get my hubby to take a pic and show you in another post.
     This fact about me you already know really but I cannot do this without sharing my Grandsons with you.I was with Maria and her hubby through each labour and saw Lewis and Scott come into the world.Maria had to have a fair few nurses and docs present at Billys birth so I had to leave the room about 20mins before he was born but saw him 10mins later.I cut Scotts umbilical cord which Maria wanted me to do,oh I get quite emotional when I think of thier births and the privilage I feel that I was asked to be there with Maria and hubby on such a wonderful occasion.I cannot imagine my life now without them in it they seem to have been around all the time,I tell them that I  love them all the world round and round and back again and Billy always says and upside down as well Grandma.
      Well I cannot think of another fact that I want to tell you at this moment but I will let you into a secret but promise me you will not tell any body will you,Im going to be 50 this year and dont know weather Im looking forward to it or not,I have been told that 50 is the new 40 and life will begin well we will see what happens but one thing for sure I will share it all with you.
    I have now got to thank Alix for nominating me for the award and to link you with her but I havent got the hang of that so you can find Alix over at Used-to-Bees blog and I can asure you that you will enjoy reading what she gets upto so do have a look.Thank you again Alix for my award you are kind and I will get round to nominating blogs tomorrow.
   Im sorry if this has been a long post and I have ranted on a bit but a lot had to be said (sorry). I will say good night now sleep well my friends and thanks for joining me.Love to you all Jill xxx



  1. I'm glad you were pleased and it was good to read your facts. I've got a little damp corner in my eye reading about the births of your grandchildren - as you say, what a privilege. Hope your gardening back is much better by now - what a great job you did!

  2. Congratulations!! thats lovely and I so enjoyed reading your post. You sound to me to be such a lovely caring person jill and a very lovely grandma...thanks so much for sharing.
    Hope you are having a lovely week it's absolutely chucking it down here, but did, like you get out in the garden the other day, not long now to see the sunshine and flowers
    Locve Sophie xx

  3. Thanks for your comments girls they are lovely,my back is a bit sore today after all the gardening but I know it will go away soon.Its just started raining here not much tho I think the wind is keeping it away.Love to you both Jill xx

  4. Jill your little grands are darling. I am so glad you are getting to spend some time with them. Isn't it just the best when we can take them one on one and enjoy them. They are so cute!
    I laughed about you talking to your plants. I always do that too. They are like friends to me and I always tell them how beautiful they are : )
    Your garden is looking great after all that work.
    sending hugs...

  5. I enjoyed reading this and seeing the photos of both your family and your garden. It looks like you have made something lovely from a spot that wasn't too promising when you took it over.
    There is a lot of value in alternative medicine and massage when wisely used.