Monday, 18 July 2011

Bits of my garden.

       Iv had a couple of busy weeks doing this and that and nothing in particular should think we all have times like that,but I have been in the garden pottering about and I was going to try and tidy it up a bit but then I changed my mind and thought it didn't need tidying its fine as it is.I like to see a garden a bit iggle piggle and not to manicured,a bit like me.
 While at a local car boot sale I bought this little bird bath,Iv seen it before but couldnt bypass it this time.

 I have bought some gravel to cover over the small
amount of grass we had,it was more weeds and
dandelions than grass so it had to go.

This is part of the little path that goes up and out of the garden,there is little plants that have seeded growing all the way up it,can't pull them out .     

These are very pretty,do you see my new gravel just behind .

This little lilly is the last one on one of my plants I have some more to come out but I have forgotten what colour they will be,a nice surprise.
This is a new little buddha sitting near the cosmos plants which are looking pretty,she looks so relaxed in the sunshine.

We bought this little beauty in a local garden centre,they have lots of them and they are all differant shapes and sizes,a little t light goes in the middle and lights it up lovley.
It is our wedding anniversary tomorrow and while out shopping last week I spotted this little stool which hubby bought me for tommorow (sorry its not a good pic)

You can see it better here and its little legs.I think its lovley and I know three little boys who like sitting on it.


  1. Hi Jill
    Yes life can have those moments when you never seem to be still....Your garden looks wonderful...I'm like you too don't like to see things to formal..let nature take it's course...Love the stool and Congratulations for your Anniversary tomorrow...
    Love and Light
    Julie xx

  2. Thank you Julie for your lovley comment.Love Jill xx

  3. I especially like the little path in the garden and the flowers alongside.
    The footstool would look nice in my house---but the darling cats would claw the tapestry!

  4. Thanks for your lovley comment M M,my cat has not gone near it yet but my eyes are on her for clawing it Love Jill xx

  5. Your garden looks lovely! This year we've redone our front garden. It's coming on now but there are still a few gaps to sort out.
    Love the stool! Happy anniversary!

  6. Thank you for your comment Linda hope to see you again.xx