Saturday, 14 May 2011

Just a quickie.

      Just a quick stop by before I go to my bed.Iv had a good day,started with a lazy morning didn't get up until 745am,a nice breakfast of toast and jam,potter around the house doing nothing really cos I am on top of all my house work for once,then went to see my two youngest grandsons and son in law,my daughter Maria has taken Billy eldest grandson to the radio1 big weekend in Carlisle.We had fun playing trains,cars and planes,no dolly's in Maria's house hold,had lunch then more trains.
   This afternoon I have spent my time watching the big weekend on line to see if I could see Maria and Billy and who should pop up but our Billy a brilliant view of him ,how fantastic is that.
    This evening I cooked our evening meal and chilled out with a nice bottle of white wine,good end to a good day.Tomorrow I am going to go to the car boot sale early see what bargains I can find,one lady's stall I like to look for usually has something to buy,she always presents her stall really lovely and something always catches my eye,wonder what it will be tomorrow.
     Then at 7pm I have to go for a MRI scan on my back.They are catching up with appointments so working weekends,not looking forward to it at all will let you know how I get on.
     Night night to you all god bless,love Jill xx

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