Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Its been a while.

       It sure has been a while since I was here and a lot has happened in my life,i wont bore you with all the details but three emergency trips to hospital ,one operation and a lot of worry and i have come out the other end with more gray hairs and wrinkles but we all survived.
      I have been been busy in my garden today although it is only a small garden i do enjoy pottering about and seeing mother nature doing her work. I have quite a few pots at the front of the house as there is no garden at the front,and they are looking a bit sad at the moment we are still getting a bit of frost some mornings so i haven't put any bedding plants out yet but i do have lots of little violas and  pansies smiling at me.My jasmine plant died with bad winter we had but my honeysuckle and clematis have both survived so the arch around the front door should look quite pretty very soon.
     I have also been doing a bit of decorating on the stair case and landing,just the same colour a nice cream but it looks very clean again now,and I did the wood work white satin paint which I am pleased with.We then got a nice new carpet laid in the two bedrooms,landing and staircase so it looks all posh now,no shoes are allowed on these carpets only socks,LOL.Our bedroom is in the attic so I will have to save up and get carpets for there now as the new carpet does make that one look pretty old never mind something to look forward to.
    Well tomorrow I'm going to finish off my jobs in the garden then I will add some photos on here,so watch this space as they say.
    Bye for now and take care.xx

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